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Assessment Cyber Resilience

Cybersecurity Program Assessment

WWT is a global leader for the majority of F100 and government organizations, providing audit, compliance and risk management readiness assessments. Specific business units or an entire organization may be evaluated within an assessment to identify findings, gaps and a risk management roadmap. WWT provides a level of detailed analysis to create roadmaps to increase security program maturity and maximize the use of people, processes and technology to reduce risk while increasing efficiencies. <br/><br/> Organizations have different requirements, to both meet compliance and desired areas of risk management focus. For example, US DoD contractors and supporting organizations are required to be CMMC compliant, thus requiring readiness assessments using the CMMC framework published by the US DoD. Other organizations may desire to use a framework like ISO, to focus more upon business controls and operations. WWT supports a wide range of assessment including but not limited to NIST (a wide variety), ISO, CIS, and CMMC.
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Assessment Enterprise Service Management

Business Impact Analysis

A business impact analysis (BIA) identifies and analyzes your business functions then aligns IT appropriately with the business. The objective of the BIA is to identify the effects of a disruption of business functions and provide strategies to mitigate and minimize the risk to your business.
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Assessment Cloud Cost Management

Cloud Marketplace Assessment

It is increasingly critical for IT organizations to achieve commitments with cloud service providers (CSPs) in a predictable and measurable way. Without the right processes in place, IT's ability to deliver on its cloud commitments can be quickly overextended. WWT's Cloud Marketplace Assessment is a cost-effective way to benchmark the effectiveness of your software procurement processes.
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Assessment Palo Alto

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

During this assessment, WWT's experts will help you obtain a risk assessment across your organization's cloud footprint to jumpstart your cloud security program. WWT will work strategically to discover all your assets and identify risky configurations, assess your resources against compliance standards (PCI, GDPR, NIST, CIS), monitor privileged users and access credentials for abnormal behavior, gain real-time network visibility to detect suspicious traffic, and uncover critical hosts that have exploitable vulnerabilities.
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Assessment Cybereason

Cyber Posture Assessment

WWT's Cyber Posture Assessment provides actionable intelligence about your existing security ops programs plus an in-depth assessment of your overall breach readiness. Whether you want to examine configured operating systems, assess password management policies, or identify misconduct or the misconfiguration of services, browsing actions or applications -- our Cyber Posture Assessment can arm your team with an organization-wide view.
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Assessment ServiceNow

ServiceNow Discovery + CMDB Health Check

For organizations utilizing ServiceNow, a well-maintained Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is key to a successful Enterprise Service Management program. Unfortunately, many organizations find their CMDB to be untrustworthy, underpopulated or overpopulated. A Discovery + CMDB Health Check can help you determine where you are today, the gaps that exist and how to remediate these issues.
Assessment Microsoft

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

WWT is here to help our customers assess the advanced security capabilities of Microsoft 365. This 1-2 day engagement includes security and/or compliance processes covering Microsoft 365, Office 365 E5, Enterprise Mobility + Security and/or Windows 10 advanced security capabilities.​ Sessions include a customer briefing, discovery with the customer, security assessment in one or more of the security solution areas of Microsoft 365 E5 and post-event delivery of security roadmap for customer. This engagement also covers the scope of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Assessments and EMS Everywhere Assessments.
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Assessment Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)

vRealize Automation 8 Migration Readiness Assessment Tool

CloudBolt Onefuse, a vRealize automation and extensibility partner, and WWT developed this assessment process to determine existing vRA customers' readiness to migrate to vRA 8. During this assessment, our team develops a set of recommendations for your organization to fully optimize and prepare your environment for migration.
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Assessment Agile Transformation

Agile Assessment

IT leaders face similar challenges, regardless of industry or organizational size. Not only is IT expected to deliver table-stake services to support the business, but IT is increasingly counted on to deliver predictable and measurable business value as well. Without the right processes in place, this dynamic can quickly overextend an IT organization's ability to deliver on commitments, further eroding trust and straining relationships with stakeholders. WWT's Agile Assessment is a cost-effective way to benchmark the effectiveness of an organization's software development processes. Our experts will work with you to create a high-impact roadmap for improvement that helps IT regain control and maximize its value to the business.
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Assessment Bomgar

Identity and Access Management Assessment

Reduce risk with a WWT IAM Assessment
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Assessment Zero Trust

Segmentation Accelerator Assessment

How to tell if you're ready to begin an Enterprise Segmentation initiative
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Assessment Equinix

Application Dependency Mapping Pilot Assessment

Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) is a management solution which discovers various applications running on various servers and network devices within a customer's network infrastructure and maps the dependencies between them. It aids in discovering, mapping and building a holistic view of all the resources running in a business infrastructure and the relationships between them.