Palo Alto NGFW Foundations Lab

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Solution Overview

The Palo Alto NGFW Foundations Lab is a capability of the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) designed to provide an environment to gain hands-on experience with the fundamental features of Palo Alto's solution. The environment that supports the lab is completely virtual, removing any hardware dependencies associated with physical infrastructure.

The Palo Alto NGFW uses a single pass parallel architecture to classify and control traffic in a single pass through the firewall. The policy engine simultaneously inspects network, application, user and content to effectively apply intent-based security. The advanced security feature sets are combined with a robust networking stack to ensure the Palo Alto NGFW can integrate with existing infrastructure and terminate remote user connections. Palo Alto provides a first class security and networking solution to meet the growing demands cloud and digital transformation have placed on security teams.

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of the Foundations Lab is to help you develop proficiency in deploying, managing and monitoring the Palo Alto NGFW solution. The lab guide is divided into standalone modules that can be completed independently providing for a flexible learning experience. 

The modules included in this lab are: 

  • Initial Configuration
  • Policy Creation
  • Profile Creation
  • User-ID Integration

Hardware & Software

Palo Alto Software:

  • Version 9.1.2

Palo Alto Devices:

  • 1x Panorama
  • 5x Palo Alto VM-200

Infrastructure Devices

  • 3x CSR1000v
  • 2x Windows 2016 Server
  • 3x Windows 10 Desktop
  • 2x Ubuntu 18.04 Server
  • 2x Kali Linux Hosts
  • 2x TrafficJam