In this case study

WWT was facing a security problem that required a proactive approach to endpoint management.

As a $10 billion technology solution provider with more than 5,000 employees, accurate reporting on our endpoints is crucial to our organization's overall health. Outdated endpoint management tools that lacked visibility and control were hindering our reporting capabilities and consequently, our ability to provide effective incident response.

Our systems were relying on antiquated technology and had become too cumbersome and distributed. With this being a common problem in the technology industry, and for organizations in general, we set out to find an answer.

"Google for endpoints"— response time measured in seconds

We turned to Tanium, an endpoint security solution founded on speed, simplicity and scalability. Tanium's emphasis on endpoint discovery and patch management integrated seamlessly into our system. In fact, our Tanium implementation became a crucial endpoint information source of our cyber analytics reference architecture.

Tanium provides four different functions in one platform: detect, investigate, remediate and enforce. The system performs an indicator of compromise (IOC) search in just seconds, allowing for immediate detection and response to a possible intrusion. It also gives us the ability to triage alerts or external leads within the desired context.

Once Tanium has detected an anomaly, the program goes into deep forensic analysis on every system, with data that is both complete and accurate. Once investigations are complete, the speed and scalability aspect of Tanium allows for remediation verification, which is enacted precisely and consistently. This ensures endpoints are not compromised in the future. Additionally, shared visibility of capabilities required to operationalize IT security across the entire enterprise reduces the friction between IT and security departments.

The efficiency provided by Tanium fundamentally transforms how teams can more quickly and effectively secure their environment. We now have the agility to rapidly pivot from one phase of security remediation to another, allowing our team to be in a state of continual readiness for resolving any type of security incident.

Tanium answers the questions: what, where and how it happened and is it still happening?

Tanium provided us with more than just a single fix to security and endpoint management. It enabled us, as an enterprise, to achieve what most would see as close to impossible. By implementing Tanium, we now have the ability to gather information across multiple platforms, quickly receive key reports on major compliance initiatives and move faster toward achieving security milestones.

With minimal cost of ownership and a resilient infrastructure, Tanium gives large organizations like WWT the ability to reach a new level of endpoint visibility. The use of Tanium in collaboration with other software and hardware systems can improve the overall security posture of an organization and open the door for a variety of cybersecurity use cases.