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Insitu is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company and a pioneer in unmanned aerial aircraft systems. The ability of its aircraft to travel for miles and collect data across austere environments has made the company a natural fit for the U.S. Department of Defense. However, the company saw an opportunity to bring their technology to the commercial sector. 

In order to accomplish this, Insitu needed to build a platform for collecting and analyzing the data that can be iterated upon quickly.

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To drive this growth, Insitu envisioned a cloud service offering on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) through which its customers could gain their own cloud environments. They could store and analyze any sized data sets depending on projects at hand for near real-time decision-making.


By leveraging the capabilities of our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) and Application Services DevOps professionals, Insitu worked with WWT to achieve this vision and develop what would become their INEXA™ Cloud capability.

By leveraging the capabilities of our Application Services professionals, Insitu and WWT paired to implement agile and DevOps methodologies into their process. A cross functional WWT and Insitu team paired together to build a container backed solution, harnessing microservices and a cloud-native mindset to enable the massive scaling and power Insitu needed for their clients. 

Through mentorship and co-development, Insitu was empowered to develop a platform as a product mindset via industry best practices around SLA's, SLO's, telemetry, infrastructure as code and CI/CD methodologies. This rigorous discipline and expert mentorship assisted Insitu in building their world-class platform that would become their INEXA™ Cloud capability.

"INEXA cloud becomes a method of communication, a method of movement, a method of analysis of your content and the success has been the fact that it's getting used globally right now," Thakkar said.


Thanks to WWT, not only does Insitu have a powerful cloud service offering that enables better decision-making for their customers, but they also have a platform for future innovations around cloud computing, data storage and application development.

"I would say right now we're at chapter one of Insitu's cloud journey," said Jon Damush, Chief Growth Officer for Insitu. "I expect there will be many, many chapters in this book."

Whether working with unmanned aerial vehicles or moving data to the cloud, WWT can elevate your organization with the unrivaled lab services of the ATC. Contact us to learn more.