Storage as a Service Briefing

2 hours
This briefing is beneficial for customers wanting to learn about the various storage-as-a-service (STaaS) OEM offerings. Our team can help compare and contrast the different operating models from Dell, NetApp, Pure Storage, Hitachi, HPE, and IBM.


This briefing is aimed at comparing the different Storage as a Service (STaaS) models available for organizations to leverage in their infrastructure and align their requirements to the available services in order to help organizations make the right choice and understand how this will affect their CapEx and OpEx spend going forward.

During this briefing, we can review as-a-service models from:

  • Dell APEX
  • NetApp Keystone
  • Pure Storage Evergreen//One
  • HPE Greenlake
  • Hitachi Everflex
  • IBM Storage as a Service
  • Winthrop Financial

We will look at the various minimum commitment from each of those offerings, both for term lengths as well as capacity consumed. We will also cover the sizing methodology for the configurations shipped, how consumed capacity is metered, what kind of capacity headroom gets delivered, how systems get upgraded throughout the contract lifecycle, any fees attached to consuming burst capacity and so on.

This briefing should give you a good understanding of the various STaaS offerings, how it can affect your company's spend and when is this a good fit.