Network Security Briefing

1 hour
Join our exclusive 45-minute briefing on Network Security, specifically tailored to senior security leaders charged with fortifying their organization's network infrastructure. Gain invaluable insights and strategies to effectively overcome the three main challenges encountered when securing the network.


In this session, we will explore three key challenges organizations often face:

  • SASE/SSE Implementation: Adopting and integrating Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Secure Service Edge (SSE) frameworks seamlessly into existing network infrastructures can be complex. We will guide you through overcoming implementation challenges, consolidating security services and ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.
  • East-West Visibility: Enhancing your organization's security posture requires comprehensive visibility into lateral movements within the network. We will explore strategies like micro-segmentation and network monitoring tools to overcome the challenge of east-west visibility, allowing you to detect and address threats across internal network segments.
  • Network Access Control and Posture Management: Controlling network access and managing device security posture present ongoing challenges. We will share best practices and effective solutions for managing the diverse landscape of devices, implementing access controls and ensuring devices meet security requirements.

Drawing on industry best practices and real-world experience, our briefing equips you with the insights and tools necessary to strengthen your network security. Register now to gain a competitive edge in fortifying your network infrastructure, enhancing visibility, enforcing access controls and effectively managing device posture.