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How Equinix delivers organizations the performance and connections required for digital success

Savvy organizations are seeking tools and services that improve their ability to change rapidly to keep pace with, or even outpace, their competitors and customers' expectations. They are finding innovative answers among the public cloud and SaaS providers. The cloud delivers a collection of dynamically changing resources designed to provide utility to business. Faster and lower latency connections to these cloud resources further enhances the value. As organizations find answers among the clouds to enable their digital initiatives, connectivity challenges begin to emerge.

While agility and speed are critical factors in the race for market share, solving the connectivity issue has become the currency of business. We live in a connected world and business relies on robust connectivity to deliver services and interact with business partners and customers.

Connectivity creates a competitive edge

When I was young, transformation was something that robots did in cartoons. Many years later, in the business world, transformation embodies the effort required to maintain a competitive industry edge. That competitive edge can quickly be dulled by poor connectivity.

Most organizations look to the telecommunications carriers to provide necessary connectivity solutions. This is typically a time-bound, expensive process that limits your ability to rapidly respond to market transitions.

How can you effectively engage in transformative activities or position your business to defend against disruptive new business models if you are limited to 90- to 120-day intervals to establish or adjust critical connections?

Where do you find an alternative that provides the speed and agility needed to establish mutually beneficial connections for you and your business partners, as well as between your organization and the cloud and SaaS tools that you leverage?

Equinix provides cloud-edge benefits

In a recent post, we shared the benefits of Equinix's location and proximity to the cloud. Equinix sits at the edge of cloud for not just one public cloud but all public clouds globally. They provide connectivity to SaaS providers, telecommunication providers, financial services providers, content media distribution providers and, very importantly, the companies that drive our increasingly digital economy.

At a time of dynamic change, when change itself seems to be evolving, being at the edge of all the clouds adds a level of stability and predictability as you push your business into the disruptive zone.

Architecting a cloud-edge design at an Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX), allows your organization to rapidly connect to these digital enablers. You can connect to the services you need today and know that you can add connections rapidly when conditions change. Cloud-edge benefits continue to grow as you identify and connect with key business partners who also have a presence in Equinix. This is true Interconnection.

In a recent press release, Equinix Chief Marketing Officer Sara Baack said:

Equinix and WWT

Business traffic patterns are changing, and our goal is to help customers adapt their business to changing conditions more rapidly while applying predictability to transformative digital initiatives. Leveraging Equinix, we design robust, reliable architectures that leverage proximity and interconnectivity options to optimize our customers' business connections.

Specifically, we focus on:

  • Redefining the WAN with technologies such as SD-WAN that orchestrate more optimal paths for business traffic and business partner interactions.
  • Rapidly defining and deploying groups of services such as firewalls and intrusion detection using tools such as Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to protect these interconnections.
  • Delivering critical applications and business traffic across dedicated links to remove that same traffic from public Internet connection circuits for performance improvements in all areas.
  • Connectivity between multicloud environments and various business units.

If connectivity is the currency, then interconnection is how you buy the agility and speed that will position you successfully in the market.

Your organization can benefit from an interconnected architecture and WWT can help. Engage our specialists for an Interconnection Oriented Workshop to find out how an Interconnection Oriented Architecture can transform your business.