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The workforce needs a reliable and seamless digital experience that enables working productively and securely from anywhere. IT needs a streamlined way to manage and secure all facets of the end-user platform. By delivering a modern digital experience for both end users and IT, organizations can restore a culture of innovation, increase collaboration and gain a competitive edge that fuels growth.

WWT works with the largest technology providers and 70 percent of the Fortune 100. We are in a unique position to provide you with cross-industry insights and experience-backed knowledge to align your organizational needs with the right multi-vendor architecture.

WWT solution architects are advisors to a broad set of manufacturers including VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and other key vendors that can enhance the digital employee experience and reduce complexity. WWT's experience, along with our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) and innovation labs, provide our customers with the opportunity to explore and test solutions and technologies comprehensively and holistically before committing to a solution. Our ATC capabilities include on-demand labs, proofs of concept, solution comparisons and exploring the art-of-the-possible.

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WWT's comprehensive approach to digital employee experience

From envisioning to strategy and execution to operation, WWT helps organizations at every step of their end-user computing journey by bringing together the thinkers and the doers to create the best digital experiences for their employees and IT.

Using a persona-based approach, WWT evaluates organizations' existing environments to understand end-user workflows, identify areas of improvement and make strategic recommendations. Leveraging our ATC, together we test these recommendations before implementing to ensure complete confidence in the solution.

Once ready for implementation, WWT can execute the solution or pair our expert engineers with your internal team to upskill your staff for a smooth deployment. Lastly, WWT provides training to both IT and end users to encourage adoption and derive maximum value from your investment.

Our Idea to Outcome Methodology highlights our unique ability to deliver from strategy to execution and operation.
Our Idea to Outcome Methodology highlights our unique ability to deliver from strategy to execution and operation.

Technology expertise

Why WWT for end-user computing?

  • Informed and independent: While our team is skilled in the top EUC technologies, we maintain a device-agnostic and OEM-independent approach.
  • Strategy to execution: Our team can help every step of the way — from developing a strategic roadmap to implementing a solution and training your staff.
  • Global scale: Our logistics and integration centers, located across three continents, enable us to serve as an extension of your business operations.
  • Lab-proven solutions: Our digital workspace labs and proofs of concept allow you to evaluate, compare and test EUC solutions to ensure full confidence before implementing.
  • Trusted partner: We help IT simplify the complex, transition from spend to invest, and build trust working together to elevate employee experience.

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